October 19, 2016


I think of Essay Consultations in three categories.



College Admissions Essays, Transfer Essays,
Scholarship Application Essays

I will help you present yourself and your arguments in a personal, authoritative voice. Drawing on my experience as a ghostwriter and editor, I develop a style with each participant–so that you sound like the best version of you. 



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Standardized Testing Essays (SAT, ACT, TSI, etc.)

I have an edge in testing because I have worked as a writer and editor for the Texas Education Agency testing program (TAKS/TEKS, now STAAR). I know how how tests are made, so I know how to navigate the structures. Our main focus in producing these essays is structure. The essays are machine-graded, so we make logic and organization paramount.


Coursework Essays

My specialty is in the Liberal Arts (Composition, Literature, Drama, History), but I also have experience writing in the social sciences, general science, math, finance, criminal justice, law, and communications. I have written and edited for major textbook publishers in a range of subjects.

I realize a participant’s aim may be to get an “A” and move on. But I insist that even a drudge assignment is an opportunity to learn something and say something.

And then we move on and get the “A”.